Safire Capital (founded in 2010) is an India-based investment bank with a core focus on Infrastructure, Industrials, Real Estate and Consumer where it enables :

1.Private Equity Syndication
2.Mergers & Acquisition solutions – Buy/Sell Side and Joint Ventures

Safire Capital also offers Debt Syndication & Structured Finance solutions across all Sectors.

Safire Capital has a strong convergence of industry wide relationships, sector expertise and deal-making ability.

The Safire Capital team comprises senior professionals with backgrounds in investment banking and corporate strategy. The team is strongly placed to provide value-added advisory and transaction services, helping businesses achieve desired strategic objectives.

Safire Capital is headquartered in Mumbai, India with presence in Pune and Ahmedabad and has the ability to reach out globally, given strategic partnerships with reputed Global Investment Banks having a presence across key global financial centres

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